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2010 Tiguan Meltdown

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Well, October and November were very costly months for our 2010 with 212,000 km.

1. Exhaust flange/clamp went south

2. Changed oil/filter and was told water pump had started to seep.

3. Check Engine Light comes on so back we go, only to find it was a timing chain code. Got the timing chain kit and water pump done at the same time.

4. While things were opened up the fuel injectors needed changing and a carbon build-up removed.

4. A few weeks later the dammmm Check Engine light comes on so back we go. Main engine seal was gone and needed 9 hrs labour plus the cheepo part.

Cost around $6,000 CDN and we were lucky to have a VW specialist do the work rather than the stealer. My advice is to sell before 200,000 km.

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We're going through similar issues on our 2010 Wolfsburg edition, fuel injectors , temperature sensors twice, and the timing chain issue hanging over our heads, getting ready to sell . . Were at 129000 miles now
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