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So I bought this car for my daughter thinking... good reliable vehicle and good on gas yet still a little on the luxury side. Well, so far it has turned out to be a luxurious POS!
Changed Coil packs, cleaned intake, replaced PVC valve, ran about 160 Oz. of Marvel Mystery oil through it, had the transmission serviced, new fuel module and fuel pump as well as the fuel system recall ( i believe this was the fuel control module and the air bags). After all this it still runs like crap and gets about 15mls. to the gallon. Also it uses about 2 quarts of coolant a month and I cant find a leak anywhere! Im so frustrated because she is a college student, I paid $5800 for this thing and she needs a reliable car yet everything I try is at no avail.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated but judging from the number of posts that have
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