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2010 VW Tiguan Multiple issues but still drives, need help finding repair manual

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So I bought my first car last year and she has been really good to me, getting me around everywhere. But, she burns oil, loses coolant, a bunch of dash lights are on, and there is a smell and the smoke of burning oil in the engine bay. I am poor so i cant just go have it repaired. This is something I'll need to do over the course of a long time. But I need the repair manual so i know where to get started. I know I need to replace the oil seperator (easy), the valve cover/gasket(easy), the rear main seal (yikes), the timing chain and cover and tensioner. But I want to do it right. Does anyone have some resources where I can find the manual for free? I used to be able to find honda manuals and chevy manuals for free but this ones a bit tougher.
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You are better off going to a repairer. The water and oil loss could be related with the likes of a head gasket issue, or the seals that need replacing could just be letting it all out and it dripping down a hot motor.
Repair manuals are not a fault diagnosis tool, they expect you to know what is wrong before starting the repair and they advise on how to do it.
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You can download a service manual from erWin. You pay for a 1 day access pass and download everything you want.
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