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My son has a scirocco 2011 2.0 TSI engine. The EPC warning came on and car went into limp mode. Breakdown services attended and changed camshaft positioning sensor which made no difference, and it was therefore towed to a local garage. Since plugging into the workshop computer, it has shown camshaft positioning sensor problem. The chains also appeared to be a bit noisy.

The full timing chain set (x 3 chains), cam, solenoid, tensioner (with update), bracket with a gauze filter, have all been replaced and there is still a problem when starting the car. When cold, the timing chain is banging on the opposite side to the tensioner on the engine casing for a couple of minutes and then stops when warmed up. When disconnecting the solenoid, however it does not rattle. The same error is still showing on the computer.

Has anyone experienced the same problem or able to throw any light on a possible solution please?

Many thanks in advance.
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