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2011 sel sport

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found my first potentioal VW. car has 68000 on it and 1 owner, looks very clean and well kept. research online found thesee engines (2.0T) to be prone for timing chain tensionure failures. called local dealer and they said VW covers 50% of the repair cost up till 75000 miles. is this true it's a common failure on these? what other types of things should i look for or look out for on this vehicle? priced about 7500 which i found to be below blue book for northern illinois area. any info you can supply is great on stuff to look for on the car....thanks
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Any other known common isssues with these vehicles aside from the obvious timing chain
My thorough, albet it slow (his nickname is Sloth) mechanic makes a point of breaking out his stethoscope each time I bring my 2011 SE in and listens to the area around the tensioner for any indication of a cruched bearing or related noise. Short of preemtively replacing the tensioner, this is the best you can do.
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