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2012 beetle, fuse box diagram doesn’t match reality.

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Howdy from Toronto.
2012 black Darth Vader car has 2 non functioning headlights.
I’m hoping it’s just a fuse.
But from a diagram i found it looks like each low beam has it’s own fuse.
Now i’m Nervous cuz it’s unlikely either both fuses blew or both headlights blew.
so I opened interior fuse box and engine fuse box ...and dang....neither of them look like the diagram.
Any suggestions?

also, unlikely, but worth a shot...:
any Toronto musicians wanna jam at the right wing sports bar on Sunday nights? Looking only for keys, horns, percussion, or back up singers.
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Thank you Darth Toronto,

took it to TeeJays In Markham(Woodbine N of Steeles) and they did a complete forensic style examination of the electrical system.... hoped it was a fuse.... $320 later everything working perfect.... these guys were great! Went in during the process and it looked like spaghetti..... steering wheel off, all the lights removed complete electrical overhaul to find the culprits .... some dodgy connections and some questionable previous repairs.... small fire had occurred and luckily did not spread.... Would recommend these guys....they have worked on my previous VW and assorted vehicles over the years. Good luck with your car.....
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