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Hi all,

Hoping someone else has come across these issues and/or has more familiarity with how the wiring is routed within the Mk6 Jetta.

So for a number of months/years the evap leak detection pump has failed, not a big issue on its own. More recently since it started to go below freezing the ABS/traction lights would come on, and using a scan tool it is narrowed down to the passenger rear ABS sensor (ordered sensor, haven't installed yet). Very soon after (maybe a minute or two) the airbag light came on, error is an implausible message from the passenger seat occupancy sensor. For a while when it was above freezing the lights would go off and then traction control and ABS would function normally again. Now lately it has stayed on and the codes have also stayed the same. Now here's the strange part, for the past couple years once it's below freezing you can't fill the tank at full pump speed. If you try full speed fill the filler neck fills up and gas comes back out the fill hole. If you attach the gas cap it sounds like the tank goes under vacuum next time you take it off. This happened the other day when I accidentally put the cap on but after I removed it a while later I lost all gas tank reading, the outside temperature reading went to "---" and now reads -30C, and the engine temperature sensor always reads above 70C so the cooling fan runs at full speed all the time.

I know this is a lot of issues all at once so I'm thinking it is a CAN bus issue but I have no idea where to start looking other than the passenger side of the vehicle. Where do all these sensors terminate in the harness? The service manual doesn't go into much detail like the older GM manuals.

Things I have replaced:
Under hood evap purge solenoid (code for open/shorted purge solenoid)
Battery (original 2011 battery was still in the car!)
Ignition coil pack (random misfires on A side last year)
Spark plug wires (recent random cylinder 4 misfires, also original 2011 wires)

I have a new evap purge pump ready to be installed the next nice warm day (bitterly cold here lately).

Here are a couple reports from my scan tool software, hopefully it helps :)

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