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2012 VW CC Trunk Lights

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Hey all, I am hoping to get some help solving an issue with my 2012 cc. First, one bulb went out in my passenger rear trunk taillight. I replaced the bulb and it still didn't work. Then, I replaced the harness and still had the same bulb out. When I physically took a wire and connected the light that was out to the ground of a working light both lights worked. So I put the original harness back into my car and connected the grounds of two lights. My lights worked for about 48 hours and now I lost the right and left rear fog lights in the trunk. So I put the new wiring harness back into the car to no avail. The lights are still out. All of the fuses are intact.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this issue? Did my actions cause an issue to the computer? Reverse lights still work and tail lights still work. I am just getting an issue with the rear fog lights (even though I never set my car up to have active rear fog lights).

Thank you for any help!
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Fixed the problem by disconnecting the battery from the car for 45 seconds and then reconnected it. There must have been a computer issue and it needed to be reset.
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