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With only 39k miles! I replaced the dented oil pan, grandma's are rough on cars, and checked the pickup. I regret not pulling the pickup now to check it even though it looked brand new and I have religiously changed the oil from new.

I know it has 3 pressure sensors. Before I start randomly replacing sensors I will pull codes this week. It has 5w-40 liqui moly and a mann filter. I always change the o ring.
I recently did a some 3 hour highway runs. Lots of WOT pulls. The car runs perfectly smooth with excellent gas millage.

I can replicate the low oil pressure. Only with hard left turns 30+ I can probably set it every time at the turn apex. Usually long ones. Sometimes hard U Turns. Low oil pressure chime 3 times real fast! I think this is always under 2k rpms. No vibrations, hesitations or anything weird even if you power out of the turn with the light flashing.
You can take right turns all day as fast as you want...

Before you bash me for driving it still this has been going on for 10k miles aprox. I finally got my family members to fess up and now its my car and problem. I might hook up a real gauge. I know I should hook up a pressure gauge. Im having a hard time finding a DIY on this.
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