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Hi, I bought a Passat 177bhp DSG Alltrack (102K miles) 6 months ago and shortly after found that it has coolant loss (approx 300ml/200miles), the cooling system was pressurised and coolant was found in no3 cylinder, head was removed, tested and skimmed then re-fitted, at the same time a leak was spotted at the thermostat housing so that along with the water pump and cambelt was replaced. Sadly the problem was not cured so next the decision was made to change the EGR/cooler assembly, the old cooler was tested and it had failed. The problem still exists, if not worse, the car went to another garage who pressure tested the system which lost 1 psi over a weekend but this was on a cold engine. On starting the car light grey smoke appears from the exhaust within 1 minute, and this continues getting quite excessive until the car has run for a good half hour and even then when stopped at traffic lights for any time the smoke/steam can be seen to start again. The car starts and runs great. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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