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2013 tiguan sel 4motion tsi, make low vibration noise at 1300-1500rpm, 30,40,50mph.

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Hey guys,..

I just bought this car last month, the main reason i bought the car is for my wife and the baby (she is 11 week pregnant), so we can have decent german suv that has good safety and good looking. I really like the car, but the thing that i hate about this car is it make low vibration noise (or a humming noise) at between 1300-1500 rpm. When i drive the car steady at 30mph or 40mph or 50 mph with the 1300-1500 rpm the car produce that sound sometimes it gets louder. But when i drive it on sport mode the car didn't make that noise, because the car ussually stay at 2000 rpm and up.

I took it to the dealership 1 week i bought it, hey said its normal for tiguan because tiguan has 6 speed auto transmition and turbo engine thats why the car sift up early to get to the higher gear. I uderstand that, but why the noise to loud tho, for the car that so expensive at it class it should has better driving comfort then the other compatitor (crv,rav4, forester or cx5). I am so disapointed with this car, and this is the first time i jump from japanese to german car, but i got bad luck with this. I have 2 friends that willing to switch from japanese to german car because i bought this (they saw it really good on the outside and interior), but after what happened to me they kinda think twice to getting the GLI, and GTI.

I was just wondering anybody that has 2013 tiguan sel 4 motion out there that has the same problem with me? And if you guys have any solution about this i really apriciated.

Thank you for your respond
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the engine is probably lugging a bit. All the new VWs have this issue. The transmission programming is set to shift as early as possible for fuel economy. Although i have yet to notice it in my Tiguan.
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