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2014 VW Beetle convertible dashboard Headlight switch removal

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I just purchased a second hand 2014 VW Beetle Convertible. Loving it but I want to upgrade the headlight switch to an Auto model so the headlights come on automatically when it is dark. I have seen 10's of video's that explain how you just push the headlight socket in make a small turn and then the headlight switch should slide out. This does not happen for me and I am wondering if the Beetle has a different sort of VW headlight switch. Mine seems well and truly screwed in. Can anyone please help me if this switch can be removed and upgraded with an auto option. I attached a picture of my car dashboard headlight switch. Thanks


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to see if anyone can address this as I'd like to do the same thing.
The switch is probably tight. I removed the side panel and pushed the switch out that way.

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