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2015 GLI Horn issues

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The other day my horn on my 2015 Jetta GLI got super weak. It has the OEM horn and is normally very loud but I noticed it is putting out half the normal sound. I am somewhat of new owner of the car and is my first VW so I'm having to learn where things are and what they look like. I'm having a hard time finding where the horn(s) are or if there are two. When I press the lock function on my key fob it sounds like the horn is on the passenger side, but when I press the horn on the steering wheel it sounds like it comes from the driver side. I have researched a few troubleshooting ideas including checking the fuse, relay, and making sure the connection is good. The horn will occasionally blow at full strength but 99% of the time its weak. With that said, where is/are the horn/s, what fuse is associated with the horn, and where would I find the relay for the horn? And based on what I have mentioned what seems to be the problem? Thanks!
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