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Hi Y'all,

I own a 2015 Sportwagen, TDI S , manual trans. Front Wheel Drive.
I recently bought a brake upgrade from ECS consisting of:
-Front brakes: R32 AWD Calipers 1K0-615-123-J & 124-J using 345x30mm rotors
-Rear Blue brakes R32 AWD CALIPERS 1K0-615-423-G & 424-G using 310x22mm rotors.
I bled the brakes several times but I have to pump the brakes once to get full pressure in the calipers, I had the car at the dealer for a month, they replaced the booster and the master cylinder (with original 2015 TDI golf parts) (not with 2008 R32 parts) and could not find the problem. By the way, my brakes were working fine before I swapped the rotors & calipers , I got the car back and order a master cylinder similar to the R32 2008 (1K1-614-019-F) but for a 2015 model Golf R AWD (5Q1-614-019-S-REP). I am currently waiting for the part. I suspect i am not pushing enough fluid down the lines to properly push the pistons of my R32 calipers. I am hoping a similar master cylinder designed for R & AWD with bigger brakes will alleviate my problems.
Any ideas on what could be causing my brake issue? What do you have different on the R32 model that does not fit with my original 2015 TDi brakes? and prevent my 2008 brake setup from working properly?
I am open to any suggestions , ideas. I really want o make this setup work!
Thank you.
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