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2016 Passat R Line estate & 2021 Golf GT Estate also VW Fridge! No joke!
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Hi all,
I had written a long and slightly humorous post, went to add a picture, had to resize it and lost the post! So short and to the point.
When locking the car the system makes a couple of attempts, 3 "clunks" the folding mirrors stall on each and then the car alarm sets. Didn't originally know the door wasn't locking until my son beat me to the car and opened the door setting the alarm off.
I've since replaced both the locking mechanism which made no difference and then just now the door control unit, still the issue persists! Removing the plug that I assume carries the locking control cores the rest of the car locks as normal. The harness looks to be in tip-top condition and there's been no damage to or work done on the door?
Now a little lost as to where to look next? I'm a competent bodger being an EC&I Engineer so could follow some instruction if anyone has experience or knowledge on this? I'd be really grateful for any suggestions that might help me keep the car out
of the hands of a garage!
..also if anyone needs an offside rear locking mechanism and control unit for a B8 estate, well I have them...

The pic is me holding the connector that reintroduces the fault...
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