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Hi, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here, so long I had to get a new account, the last time I posted on here would have been about 15 years ago when I was driving around in less than pristine MKii Golfs.

Anyway, I’ve continued my VW story and now having problems with my 2.0 BiTdi which is giving my mechanic the following codes...P023400 P022D300 P22D200.

When I put the foot down, and get above 3500-4000rpm limp mode kicks in. The P023400 above indicate overboost but google can’t tell me anything on the other 2.

I’m looking for more info before I take it anywhere to avoid getting fleeced. My usual mechanics a little old school and isn’t too comfortable chasing a fault he’s not familiar with.

Any information, and or any recommendations on who could help around the Glasgow area would be appreciated.

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