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2017 Engine Splash Pan

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Hi everyone, new to the forum from Newnan, GA USA. We have a 2017 Tiguan Limited 2.0 TSI that's due for an oil change. I need to know how to detach the plastic belly pan(splash pan?) under the engine to access the oil pan drain plug? I see the 2 T45 bolts and removed the 9 or so T20 screws around the black plastic shield perimeter. It seems to be stuck in the front with maybe another screw holding it in the middle above a grey plastic piece? Does the grey plastic piece have to be removed somehow?

I've got a Mann W719/45 filter and 5L of Pentosin "Pento High" 5w40 full synthetic oil. Looks like my 74-76mm filter wrench should do the job removing old filter?
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Gave up trying to get the pan off. Got a vacuum extractor. I was skeptical about it being able to get all the oil out of the engine but it worked real slick. Very simple to set up and use. I ended up having to add 5L oil(4.7L listed as refill quantity) to get the level up to full on the stick. So it must have evacuated almost all the oil. With the filter on top of the engine, no reason to go up underneath at all.
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