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2017 Passat Map Updates

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I am interested in finding out when my MIB2 2017 Passat Discover Media navigation maps SD Card will be updated. I live in a house that is going on 5 years old. My Garmin system in my 2018 Honda Accord has my address [with free updates for 5 years I might add]. My Garmin NUVi and LMT-S also show my street address. I have checked with HERE and TomTom and 3 VW dealerships and have found out that my street is in HERE's database that they give to VW and TomTom. The dealers say there isn't an update available. This is very frustrating. I have found out that VW offers eurpoean and asia customers free updates. Also the HERE support person that an update [2018] was just issued for another VW model. Is anyone else having this issue or am I doing something wrong.

I put up this post on November 11, 2018 and haven't had any responses ... so i guess the question is ... does no one else have this issue with their 2017 Passat SEL built in in-dash Discover Media navigation maps ?
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I have some of the same questions. I have a 2016 Passat which I purchased new near the end of 2016. The maps were already quite out-of-date then. I recently checked with my dealer and was told VW US makes new maps available every two years and they generally come out in the first quarter of that year. He had no idea when the next one would be out. Very frustrating, especially knowing the update may cost well over $100. I'm inclined to forget about updating and update my cell phone data plan and rely on Apple Carplay fulltime.
Hi, I just bought a 2016 passat and the maps were from 2016. I downloaded a map/softwear updater and downloaded the latest maps 2019 on a 32gb sd card from VW free of charge. it takes about 2 hours to download and 1-2 hours to upload to the car. you also need to download a 7-Z zip file. I just googled for map updates and it was simple.
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