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2017 Passat SE w/ tech acceleration issues

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I have the above car. I have just under 80K miles on it. I drive a bunch, clearly. I've followed all of the maintenance schedules and then some, but have this re-occurring issue with acceleration. Occasionally, out of the blue, the car has a big lag in shift from gear to gear, most prevalent in the lower gears. I've found that it happens after maybe a minimum of 20 mins or so of highway driving at 55+ and then when I get off the highway at the traffic signal, the light turns green and my acceleration problem hits. I'll get to where I need to be and turn off the car. But then when I start up again, poof the problem is gone. What gives? ***Issue began around 35-40K miles*** Here are some service notes:
No lights to indicate an issue
Brake fluid flush at 30, 60K
Spark plugs changed at 50K due to high miles driven
Transmission flush at 40, 80K
All other regular maintenance intervals met

Any insight is great!! Thanks!
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I had a similar problem and it was related to the throttle body connector wiring. There is a TSB that describes the change. Dont know if it applies to your car and if this is a possible issue. In my case the EPC light came on and the code was P0221. You may want to look for the TSB 2018652/2 and see it applies to your car. Since your car is 2017 it is still under warranty. Mine is a 2009 and I had to pay for it out of pocket.
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