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2018 Tiguan TPMS (Canada)

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Hi, guys!

We've just bought a new 2018 Tiguan and I'm already thinking about winter tires.
Can somebody confirm what kind of TPMS system is used in the 2018 Tiguan? I believe there's a difference between the US and Canadian models. Is it with actual physical sensors or is the system built into the ABS system? If it's the former, then it's extra 250-300 bucks =(.

Thank you.
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I believe, although I'm not an expert on this subject, the easiest way of determining what you have is as follows:

If your dash display will display actual tire pressures in psi or kPa then it is physical sensors.

If it will only show which tire is low (no pressure reading) then it is based on the ABS system which detects differences in individual tire rotation.

Otherwise check with your dealer or a tire shop and they can probably advise you on what you have.


I have been told it’s on the wheel,not in the tire(valve). Just bought a Tiguan and I had a CRV which had the same mechanism for TPMS. So ,don’t worry ,no extra with your winter tires set.

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I had the same question actually
No TPMS in tires.They have sensors on the abs system.
The easiest way to tell is check the tire valve stems. If they are rubber the vehicle uses the ABS wheel speed sensors to tell if the tire is rotating out of sync with the others. If you have a steel valve stem then you have a sensor in the wheel to transmit the pressures.
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