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2018 Tiguan USB Additions

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Hi all!

I'm the new owner of a 2018 Tiguan S. I love the car so far. My only complaint is there being 1 USB port in the car, connecting to the infotainment system. I have an iPod classic with the entirety of my music library, and I enjoy its use in the car. I hate needing to choose between either my iPod or CarPlay's navigation system. I would love to do both. I've seen other 2018 Tiguan models with additional USB connections, and I wondered if it was possible to add the connections to my infotainment system. However, having taken apart a 2017 Touareg's infotainment system before (HDD modifications), I'd prefer to not guess around with my car just yet. Can anyone tell me if the additional green or yellow ports exist on the back of the Tiguan's system, or is it a limitation of the installed 6-inch touch screen vs the 8-inch?

Thank you.
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