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Hello everyone,

After driving the car for 30 or so minutes my new GLI will intermittently stall when coming to a stop, I have driven a manual transmission for 28 years so its not user error. This happens when the clutch is to the floor and in gear and sometimes with the clutch out and in neutral. It is a very gentle stall - nothing like the lurching that occurs during a typical stall, in fact there have been times when I didn't notice the engine died. In the first trip to the dealer (a week after purchase) they advised there were no codes and they could not reproduce the issue (surprise). They said it was bad gas - which would be unfortunate since I was still on the tank they filled from the purchase. It started happening again yesterday so I am heading back to the dealer again tomorrow. I am also reporting to the NHSTA when their site is working again.

Any help will be appreciated!
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