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I am writing this letter since I am very disappointed with my experience with VW and my 2019 Tiguan. In Feb 2019 I started a lease with my Tiguan cost of this Vehicle 40K+... just under 12 months (22K miles) my engine needs to be replaced almost 5 weeks later I get my Tiguan back from the dealer... after receiving a call on Friday night (13th) i go to pick up on the 14th of March.... paperwork is not done and no warranty paperwork is available... my son and I were there for almost 30 mins while service paperwork was done, only to drive away and realize the center trim around drive shift was not installed correctly so back to the dealership. My car after being there for 5 weeks was not cleaned nor vacuumed, and when i got home right from tire tripped low pressure and read 25psi....

I did not receive a follow up call from the dealership to ask if my car was OK after a major job, also car was only road tested 8 miles.....

In working with Sabrena to see what VW would do, the final offer was 1 month payment for my troubles.. $461.00 for being out of my car for a month and possibly losing around 10% off any future resale value of my car. I feel this is an unfair burden placed about the owner of the car since the VW Tiguan was purchased/leased with good faith and intentions to keep or lease another VW at the end of the lease.

I am asking that VW takes another look at this case since I feel that i should not hold the burden of loss of the resale value.

Please help.
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