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So basically, got in tonight for a quick Walmart run. Had to gun it when an idjit almost sideswiped me.

Let me start with it's an automatic, I was in Eco mode and she has 49,550 miles. All services current EXCEPT transmission which is scheduled for next week but is a 50k mile service so not late yet.

My RPMs went up to 3000. Normal. But, when I released the gas, they never dropped. I waited about 3 seconds before popping into neutral and they dropped to the usual 1000.

Decided to test it and gunned it again and same thing happened. Stayed at 3000 until I went into neutral. Got to the store and put it in park. Revved it a few times and it didn't happen again.

Driving home though. I revved it and it went up to 3000, the RPMs seemed to hesitate and took a few seconds to drop.

It did that in both Eco and regular mode. What could this be?

I am thinking throttle body or sensor maybe.
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