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I have a 3.2 passat b6 2006 model

the car has 197k on the clock

Ive had the car for around 2 years now and the car has always had the engine management light on. strangely the car has always drove amazing and drives with no symptoms what so ever. I am now driving the car alot more regularly now so i decided to finally get it looked at yesterday.

Now i know from the past the code reader has always said it misfired on cylinders 4, 5 and 6 it also had a code for lambda sensor and low fuel pressure. Like i said though it had all these codes but drove faultlessly. When the garage looked at it yesterday they said the car would not communicate with their software and just kept refreshing. They couldnt do anymore so i left the garage and now the car has started driving horrible, as if it is misfiring
very juddery when putting power down in any gear, can feel the vibration coming through the accelerator pedal and all the way through the car. Sometimes i can turn the car off and back on and it drives great again with no probs which leads me to believe it cant be anything serious and possibly electrical or communication between sensors?

Any ideas are much appreciated
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