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73 super beetle convertible top removal

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Just acquired my MIL's 73 super beetle and the convertible mechanism needs to be refurbished. They just put on a new top not that long ago so I'm wondering if the top fabric/liner can be removed and reused without damaging it so that I can refurb the mecahnism
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LOTSA staples above the windshield header. Loosen & remove cables at rear body shell & along the top outer edge & keep your fingers crossed. Be careful with the straps which support the headliner & the rear window. Measure well so you can get the back glass in where it wants to be. Back glass = $$$$$$$$. Be VERY careful.

I removed a damaged (cut) top & installed a new one onto my SunBug several years ago, with help from a US convertible top-familiar upholsterer.

"Never again" was what he said. I agreed.
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