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I have a 74 Super Beetle with a stock 1600 and some upgrades. New GT Glass Pack exhaust, Weber 44 carb, and centrifugal advance distributor with electronic ignition.

Yesterday I drove her down the street and she backfired and the motor died out. When I tried to turn it back over I could not even get any indication of it firing. There is an air sound (I think it is the sound of what would be a backfire if the air was ignited). The air sound happens after 3-4 complete rotations of the motor and it sounds like it is from only one cylinder.

Each time I have taken it out (approximately 5-10 minuets at a time) the only issue I have is on the low end of 2nd and 3rd there is some hesitation or lag in the motor (I think this is because the carb might be too large for the motor). After the RPM's get to about 2500 I have not had any other issues.

Any suggestions, comments, or ideas are welcome.
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