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82 rabbit pillar trim

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I’m having trouble finding the trim for the interior pillars, does anyone know of a good spot to find them? Or anyone have spares?
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Junk Yards and or Ebay, you can scour the classifieds at here and the vortex for some one parting one out.
What model of rabbit C, L, or LS trim level and 2 or 4 doors as the width of the "B" pillars and "C" pillars are different, and the trim level determines what was used as in Headliner material or vinyl.

Somewhere once upon a search there was a vendor selling the headliner/pillar kits. I will try to remember where I saw them.

One place they have all kinds of salvage parts, best to email them.
It’s a 4-door LS, I’ve been able to find the a-pillars online but not the b or c pillars... is there a search I can do for junkyards around the country? I’ve also thought about making my own but have no idea how to go about it.
I would go to a auto upholster shop and have go through his books to get headliner material the same color and make your own. I can remember doing that to my 81 when the rear "C" got ripped....

Then 2 years later it all came unglued..... :)
Ok so there isn’t piller trim plastic. That’s what I wasn’t sure of.
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