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84 Rabbit 1.8l exhaust manifold gasket

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So i started my first journey into replacing the intake manifold gasket and the exhaust manifold gasket. Ive been soaking the bolts with Kroil and PB as they are really rusty. Any tips or tricks i should be aware of? And whats the key to taking off the spring clips that are connected to the down pipe. Any tricks on getting them back on? Thank you
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Use of a air impact and only a 6pt socket is the key to success.
You can use a #2 Phillips to get the spring clips off as there is a hole at the top, but be warned they fly
To get them back on use a muffler clamp upside down.

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With much success i was able to remove the intake manifold and exhaust manifold a few broken studs and some knuckle skin. Thanks for the great idea using the muffler clamp to put the spring clips back on. Any suggestions on a good way to remove the broken studs i have plenty of meat on them and i am soaking them with kroil. A little nervous trying to heat them because they are so close to the fuel injectors.
At this point Juju your best bet is to soak, soak and maybe tap straight on with a hammer, but not much of that. Just trying to loosen up the rusted joint not pounding it into the head. You might need to remove those injectors and get a big pair of locking pliers on the rest of the stud and turn sharply to get them off. At times if all lined up right I would hit the pliers with a hammer to get it to move sharply rather than a slow build of tension. Think about jerking them side to side rather than just pulling on them.

If you still had a nut you could put on there and do a double nut to keep it from moving I would try a sharp chisel on a direct tangent to the stud to deliver that sharp rap to break it free.

Studs can be a bugger to get out at times and exhaust studs have to be the all time worst. Lots of temp changes, rust build up and the like going on there.

best of luck, Keep the bandaids handy. You are going to loose more skin.
Going back use the SS studs from a Saturn SL1 they have a nut driver end on then and plenty of never-seize on the stud threads...
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