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'86 Cabriolet conversion to power steering (not a right hand drive car)

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Writing from Vernon. I'm just about finished. The transmission shift rod out of the original car (with the manual steering system) seems to be incorrect for the power rack and pinion system that I installed. It interferes with the rack, and I cannot shift. The Victoria old parts dealer cannot find a shift rod in his catalogue for the manual tranny, says it's a one size fits all shift rod. Perhaps there's something else which I've installed incorrectly. Mounting bracket? Any ideas?
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4 or 5 speed.

4 or 5spd 171711173 with power steering is the same.
So I would have to ask you as there are 2 different racks for power steering
Manual Transmissions and Automatics, the automatics are devoid of the bracket for the Deviating lever, which is partnumbered above.

The linkages and other things differ between 4 and 5 spd tho.
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