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I had an intermittent no start when cold/warm issue I installed the hot start relay, still same thing, replaced the starter same thing, replaced the ignition switch, (major Pain IN THE ASS). Then I started to dig for the culprit.

What I found was that in the Bentley you have to turn to the Automatic Shift Lock pages, it is only on a 90-93 cabby.

There on that page you will see the Relay marked 15 it is stamped as 92 on the top, p/n 191 927 18. It has two functions....somebitching relay. it is not in slot 15 as the Bentley states, or the slot 14 as the ETKA shows.....

I did find that the relay marked 92 p/n 191 927 181 is only on 90 and up Digifants with Automatic trannys it is on the back side of the knee bar.\

To see how this relay start setup is different from the normal starter you have to turn to the Shift lock mechanism.
There you get to see the relay, the Bentley main diagrams don't refer to it in the main pages for automatics them bastards.

From the Start switch 1/2 of the relay is powering the ECU. That pick part of the ECU solenoid energizes the other half of the starterrelay that when you throw the key switch to the start, it energize and engages the starter, so if that half of the relay goes bad you can't start your car, but if you jump the starter it will start. It doesn't matter if you have the hot start fix as on the 90-93 cabby it uses the relay.

Here is the fix as I had half a flaky relay. it was intermittent, then went out I opened the relay and only saw the ECU side pick the other side didn't pick at all.

From the Ignition switch find the red/black wire coming out of the back of the switch harness it is a big wire and cut it. DO NOT CUT THE RED ONE....

From the relay that is under the knee bar find the big honking red and black wire and cut it.

Un-wind the red/black wire on the relay marked 92 (it is the only large red/black wire on it ) from the loom then route it over the steering column and splice it in to the red and black wire that goes back to the switch. This is only energized at the start switch position, and will allow the Key to then engage the hot start relay, and start your car. Tape off and insulate both the other sides that remain.

Since you didn't bother the Digifart side of the relay it will still run the car.

This only applies to Automatics 90-93, and you will have by-passed all the bs interlocks... So remember you can start the car in any gear.. so park it... or neutral it....

At Jim Ellis Vw the relay was 72.00, not in stock. BOO JE
At Dwight Harrison the relay was 59.00 not in stock.

Brian's fix 2 cuts and one yellow in-line splice...........

From this:

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