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Repairing your clusters broken traces. I had another intermittent Cluster. After replacing the 10V stabilizer, I decided to add wires to it to insure
that I didn't have a intermittent issue with the traces.

Remove your cluster... If you look at the mylar it tells you what the pins do

Carefully solder a lead to the top leg of the VS (10v stabilized)
Attach it to the two nuts one for The fuel gauge at the bottom, and one at the water gauge at the top.

Solder a lead to the bottom leg (12V source) and make it about a foot long. Attach it to a solderless insulated female spad connector.

Attach a ring solderless connector to a wire that is about 12 inches long and place it under the screw for the heat sink (ground)
To the end of that wire place a solderless insulated female connector.

Cover the attachment points on the cluster with electrical tape.

Picture of the routing.

On the wire side of the main connector strip back the insulation off the Brown, and Black wires Pin 2 and pin14.

You want to bare the wire without cutting it... The blue wire is attached to a separate ground for the brown.

Solder a 6 inch lead to the bared wire.

Allow to cool and wrap with electrical tape.

To the ends of those wires attach a "Male" solderless spad connector.

You attach the Ground wire from the cluster to the brown, and the 12volt lead to the Black wire.

Enjoy Care free instrument clusters.
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