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91 Cabriolet conversion

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Hi! Am a newbie and ive been searching for information about my ride which is converted fuels ignition system. It had a digitant2 ecu before until a previous owner converted it to twin side draft weber 45’s. It has a messy conversion and worst of all, it doesnt run. Been like this for years.
I actually bought it for a song and now i plan to get it back on the road, starting from where it left off, which is carbureted.

Can anybody please advise me what to replace and where to get the right stuff ?? Right now it has the following:
1. Electric fuel pump sourced from a suzuki vehicle. I think it still over pumps fuel.
2. Twin side weber 45’s
3. Converted vw cabriolet distributor to have a breaker-less ignition.
4. Ignition coil with an external igniter sourced from god knows where.

I read in a thread somewhete that the original distributor with hall sender should have still been used as it has its own advancer inside it. If this is so, doesnt it mean i need to use the brain to get the distributor functioning ?
Calling conversion geniuses !!! This may be elementary to you. Care to share ?

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