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Hello all,

I purchased my wife a 91 Jetta Diesel. No real issues with it beyond that the horn doesn't work. When you hit the steering wheel you can hear the relay click.

I checked the fuse and it was blown, so I replaced it. Immediately blown once I hit the horn. I replaced it with a larger fuse, but then it blew as soon as I turned the key on without touching the horn button.

I then pulled the grill off and disconnected the horn. I checked continuity and both cables show short to ground.

For kicks and giggles I connected the horn directly to the battery and it works just fine.. oh my ear...

Obviously I would imagine that only one of the cables should short to ground and the other should be coming from the horn relay? Incidentally with the horn disconnected I put another fuse in and it blew as soon as I turned the key on.

This car is very very clean. no monkey business with anything that I can see. All looks stock. So I don't think anyone has messed with the wiring. It sounds like the relay is switching and I don't think it's stuck. Yet it is blowing fuses without the horn even connected.

Before I tear open the dash, thoughts and suggestions ?
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