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See Steves great thread on the tex.!&p=111927473#post111927473

A few new tips and Tricks I have learned....

When trying to replace the cover and the bolts I found that on the blower cover if I Super glued the nut to my finger tip, I could feel the front screw via the Fresh air intake hole and tighten the nut till it pulled off my finger tip easy with the super glue Then Using a pair of needle nose I could hold and fully tighten it.

On the Drivers side Screw.
I super glued the screw to the washer and the rubber washer. I inserted the screw and super glued the rubber washer to the fan cover and applied pressure till it set about 2 minutes. I could then get under the dash with a socket and the nut threaded easily and fully tightened. Since super glue is water soluble I think that in 10-12 years it will be easy to remove.

I also found that the fresh air inlet originally had foam over and under the flapper. I removed the cover and when extracting the flapper I had to align the key on the servo mechanism to disengage the flapper from the arm. It pulled out with a slight bind. I removed the old dead foam with wd-40, followed with a wipe of brake-klean along with a good brushing of hot soapy water. I added new foam and it is quiet and totally sealed in Max re-circ.

Clean it good after removing the covers

Oh and don't forget to check the Ground wire on the plug.... It was toasty bad, and I cut the wire on the new motor at the plug and used a yellow Insulated male connector on it. It was easier to do off the car, and can be inserted or removed easily as it still fits through the grommet hole.

I ran a new ground from the frame to the plug, I didn't bother with cutting the old wire and butt-to-butt connecting it. I used a ring connector and 12g wire drilled a pilot hole, sanded the area around the pilot and used a sheet metal screw to get it in the firewall.

New motor runs really quiet, blows a hurricane now.
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