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Greetings from the land of the buffalo.

Seems to me that once upon a time, the Volkwagen Repair for the Compleat Idiot
manual had a little section on what extra stuff to bring on a longer-than-usual road trip.

I'm considering the purchase of a '67 Beetle and it's 550 miles away. I don't want the expenses to get out of hand. I have 2-3 days to pull this off. I won't ask you, "Yes or No," but I will ask you this:

If you were coming along, what extras would you bring? Some things that quickly jumped to mind were: belt, generator, fuel pump as well as a good jack and a spare.

Have fun with this and I will be anxious to hear what you have to teach me. p.s. I had a couple Bugs back in the 70's so I'm not a) young or b) completely clueless.

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