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Who would have thought that the Turkey Baster wasn't designed for just the Kitchen.

I have found it useful for some of the following chores.

Removing Fluid from the Expansion Jug prior to a sensor removal.

Removing fluid from the Sensor outlet on Digifants.

Removing Brake Fluid from the res prior to a MC swap.
Adding Acid or water to the Battery.
Removing power steering fluid from the res prior to removing the pump.

Blowing air in a hard to reach area.
Sucking up spilt fuel that has pooled.

I have worn out 3 or 4 of them over the years and usually the Kitchen gets a new one when I have the need and the one in my shop is leaking air.

What have others used it for car wise?

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I either used the turkey baster to remove fluids from reservoirs, or
took the spray attachment off a bottle, and put the hose end into
the reservoir and pumped it out into another container I held in the
other hand...

I have a pneumatic pump now, so I can use that for everything.
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