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Abs module sensor?

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Hello, everyone. I recently purchased a 2009 rabbit from a dear friend of mine about two months ago in June. He owned the vehicle for seven years and never had any major issues with it. Last month I drove it 8 hours away and back 8 hours with no issues, it ran beautifully. Roughly 2 days after return I went for a local cruise to be surprised with the abs light, traction control, epc, airbag, ebrake, gas light and power steering light as well as both speedometer and rpm gauge malfunction. I hooked it up to a code reader and received a code for the abs module sensor. I researched and found that vw was recalling the abs module. I called vw and had them run the VIN but they said the software was updated so it's not under the recall. Could anyone shed some light and possibly help me?? Thank you!
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Had the same problem VW replaced the abs module under a recall. Call the corporate help number and talk to somebody there if the dealer is not giving you any satisfaction.
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