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Hello, hoping this community has information on this issue as I've had no luck with Google, or the forum search.

When I pull the wheel in/out past a certain spot in the length of the telescopic travel the engine is shut off the and car appears to be in the "start" mode of the ignition switch instead of "run."

I've removed the column covers and checked all the wires/connectors in sight but see nothing obvious that could be causing the issue. I'm wondering if there are electrical connections inside the steering column that lose contact when adjusted?The issue only happens with the in/out movement of the wheel and not up or down.

I can "reset" the ignition by disconnecting the battery for 5min then reconnecting and it will then switch on normally when the column is in a certain position.

Wires leading to the ignition switch are not under tension when the wheel is pulled out completely. Any thoughts?
Thank you in advance
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