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Westfield FW with a 1,8T AEB engine
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Last year I changed the oil pump on my AEB engine and therefore needed to change the oil pan gasket.
During the summer I had a lot of oil leaks, some of them from the crank but also from the oil pan.

Now I´m doing a minor rebuild with new front crank oil seal, oil pan gasket, intermediate shaft seal and front oil seal flange gasket.

First question. When installing new gasket for the front oil seal flange do I need sealant between the engine block and gasket? Or maybe sealant on flange AND block?

Second question is about the oil pan gasket. The workshop manual says "Install dry" but it also says "Only spread thin coat of sealant on front and rear sealing surfaces between oil seal carrier and engine block" plus "Lightly spread sealant on front and rear contact surfaces of oil sear carrier".
So, where should I put sealant? Can someone explain with a picture/photo?
Last year I installed without sealant and I think that´s one of the may reason why I´m having oil leaks from the pan.

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