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AFS sensor broken, replacement

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Hi all! :)
My AFS-sensor is broken, and I tried to order one from eBay to replace it with, but the part doesn't have the right brackets, and seems to be all wrong even though it should fit according to the specs.
It seems to me that "all" sensors looks the same when I search AFS Sensor VW Tiguan 2009.
Any tips here to get the right part, or does someone have a link for something that fits?
And is it only one AFS-sensor on the car, or is it on both sides?

The dealer wants over 700 euros for the part (inc. changing).

Appreciate your suggestions

(1968cm3, 2litres, 140hp/103kW, dec 2009 mod)

Edit: I tried to replace only the electric component on the sensor (with the old brackets and "alu rod") but still won't work ...
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