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all cylynders misfired :(

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I have 2012 vw tiguan and yesterday i drove it and it seemed like it was losing power but i figured that was just from the turbo being out so... i parked and then when i went to go turn it on it cranked and the motor was shaking so i stopped turned it off and checked the oil i was low "bone dry" so i went a bought Castro 5w-30 and i put it in pressed the gass a little and then it shook and died. i looked at the codes it was pulling through fixd and it said 8 problems and that the cylinders misfired why would it do this and how do i fix it. there is 86,000 miles on it and i had just had the fuel pump replaced and spark plugs not that long ago why would it do this?
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All cylinders misfiring could be the spark plug wires put on in the wrong order. The bone dry with oil and the list of 8 problems coming up sounds very worrisome.
When they did the plugs did the replace the wires? That could have caused the issue.
I`m not sure if I can help you with that problem, but I guess you should insure you car. It will help you to save lots of money if something happens. Look here.
We have a 2010 Tiguan with the 2 liter turbo. I would suggest you look into articles referencing timing chain tensioner. There is a huge problem with this. Also there is a class action law suit levied against Volkswagen about this both in Canada and the US. We purchased our 2010 and I paid for the inspection at 150.00 and found out the chain tension was so bad that the VW dealership said we should no drive it off the lot until repaired . We had the dealer repair this before we purchased. If the chain jumps the damage can be Catastrophic
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