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Another carburettor question

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Hi people,

I am new to the air-cooled scene. And to the carburettor scene for that matter.
I recently managed to get hold of a 1974 VW 1303s super beetle which is not in bad condition at all. And after a bit of tinkering around I got it up and running.
Unfortunately it continued stalling and losing power and after consultation with a local expert I was informed the carburettor needed replacing.

It is currently running with a Solex h30/31 carburettor and a 009 distributor, which from my research seems like a valid setup. But since I am after a replacement carburettor I was wondering if it has to be a like-for-like? Or can I go for a different one like a Solex 34 picture 3?

To be honest the numbers mean nothing to me. I just thought I would ask around before taking the easy option and just going for what I already have.

Many thanks for any replies or advice.
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