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ATTENTION! 2001 VW Golf 1.8 Turbo lovers !!! I need HELP >>> - PLEASE READ!!!!!
Hi There,
From the moment I saw her, it was love at first sight! I bought my "Rosie Rocket " (yes,,,I named her..) right off the lot. She was a dream car, a dream come true. It has been a real love affair. What a great car! Magical! My first new car, and I loved her with all the devotion of my heart. Babied her, kept her sparkling at all times, paid to have her waxed and detailed, had everything done on time, changed that oil religiously, kept her looking new. Everyone loved my car. People smiled when they saw us coming. If you know this car, you know how special it is. And you know how rare, because they didn't make too many of these, at least not where I live on the east cost of America. Never see them. And certainly not in the red color, in the Turbo. Rosie had all the bells and whistles - standard shift, sunroof, alloy wheels, killer stereo. new tires, heated seats, etc. 114,000 miles. I had intended to go at LEAST 300,000.
So here's the sad part:
On New Year's Eve, my car was badly hit in an accident. I am still recovering from injuries.
Rosie took it on the chin like a champ and saved my life - but tragically she was deemed totalled by the insurance appraisers.
While I'm not convinced she was, mind you, what's done is done and Rosie's gone.
I have not settled yet on the car, and I want to ask you, what do you think is the right amount to ask for?
Because this car is a rare animal in many ways, the fact is she is almost irreplaceable. If I were to take the $7500 dollars they have offered me, I would not be able to just go out and replace her. Anything in that price range would be vastly inferior.
If you know and love this car, you will understand what I am saying.
How can I prove that I deserve to settle for alot more given that this car is practically a collector's item? What does a mint Golf 1.8 2001 go for top dollar in a private sale?
What do you think is the most I can get? bear in mind, I am evaluating many factors besides face value Kelly Blue Book/Nada etc. The car was far more valuable to me.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated, and feel free to pass this along.
Many thanks,
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