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Automatic transmission

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Hello All, I'm looking for an automatic trans from a mk1 or 2. I would prefer a diesel but they are much harder to find. Not sure if the converter is different. I also have a 5 speed if someone wants to do a conversion. I could also use information if you have some to share. Thx everyone.
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The place to go for the Ratios of an automatic is
You are looking for a TL Tranny code and "K" Torque convertor. The "K" is stamped on the feet of the convertor that bolts to the solid flex plate which you will also need as well as the spacer that is behind it.
If you are going to use your power or manual steering rack, that is currently in the car you will need to remove the relay bracket that the relay lever sits in.
You will need the shifter assembly in the car an the 3 cables (one for the shifter) one for the Acell to Tranny, and then the Tranny to the Throttle linkage.
The Bracket on top of your Valve cover assembly may need to be modified, or swapped out.

That is about all I can think of off the top of my head. I do think the Diesel Trannys are going to be the issue.

I highly suggest that you take the heat shielding off the donor for the starter an install the heat soak relay system to power the starter.
The Pedal assembly for the singular brake pedal, and the brake light switch, as well as you will run your current brake light connections in to the Cabin and the shifter mech, so when you are taking out the shifter y be sure that you cut the connector wires off to allow you to crimp the new ones in place as the connectors are different.

Now the gearing ratios are about the same between all the Automatics save for the TJ, I don't know if they will all interchange, although they all bolt the same. You may also need the front mount as well as the tranny side mount as it is different.
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