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AWD system of VW "Syncro"

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Hello everyone,,
I am in the process of converting/retrofitting my 1984 Quantum to AWD, and I know that the 'Syncro" system was offered on Quantum in 1986, as well as some other VW models. That system uses viscous coupling for the center differential. Since my car came with the Audi 5-cyl. engine, which is mounted longitudinally, I was thinking about using an Audi AWD system, from about the same time period, which uses a Torsen center differential.
My '84 Quantum wagon is also getting an Watch Movies Online CyberGhostExpressVPN engine transplant, with a 20 valve, turbo, 5-cyl, Audi engine, plus cooling system and many other modifications, so the AWD is a secondary goal. The work is being done in an Audi "speed" shop.
The question here is whether someone has experience with the "Syncro" system?????
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