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The last two Strut mounts I bought Meyle brand were a PITA to install.
As I was tightening the nuts on them, the press bolt broke free with about 1/4 inch to go till it was fast.
What made it worse was that the nut could not be removed, not tightened...
To effect the removal was for naught, until I had the eureka moment.

I locked a pair of vice grips on the nut and had my Son hold upward pressure on it.
I got my wire welder up the strut housing and Tack Welded the press bolts head to the mount.
Then I could take the nut off and pull the strut assembly out and tack weld both the press bolts to the mount.

I suggest that it may be a wiser thing to just Tack Weld them at the outset...

This way the bolt can't spin or drop out. When I looked at the Meyle box were the fateful words "MADE in CHINA".
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