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beetle convertible drivers door electrics

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Good day everyone
I have just purchased an 06 plate 1.6 beetle convertable and it has an issue that someone (hopefully) can suggest where the problem is.
the problem is as follows
Drivers window will not go up or down via its single switch or the master switch - no relay clicking or motor sounds
all other windows go up and down via the master switch but will not operate via the single switches on the drivers door (will operate on the single switch on passinger door)
the electric mirrors will not work passinger or driver side
the central locking will not operate on the drivers door but will on the passinger (operated by key fob)
the boot and petrol flap work fine
other information that may help the car had to be jump started as battery was flat after charging the battery it would not hold charge and has been replaced with a new one
Window did operate when we purchased the car but stoped working on the way home
any suggestions please
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I have the same problem. Did you manage to solve it please? If yes want did you do ?
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