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best radiator for a caddy turbo

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I have owned a 1981 Caddy diesel for a number of years. I recently, 5000 miles ago, rebuilt and installed a 1.6 turbo diesel engine and 5 speed from a 1983 Jetta. I works absolutely great! I believe it has the original radiator. What would be a better radiator to replace it with. It is not really overheating, but the gauge does climb a bit on hills. Thanks Brian
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I wouldnt really worry about the temps going up if it is only on long hills. If you don't already have an oil cooler on the engine between the filter and block you might think of adding an aftermarket one. Cool oil to the turbo will help it and the engine both.
Thanks for the reply. I do have the oil cooler. It came on the Jetta. I will just watch the temp. Thanks again. cheers
I recently had to replace a radiator, and I bought the all aluminum one from fleabay, it has a thicker core. Why because I hate plastic parts.
I noticed on my 92 with external oil cooler, that it ran cooler. I was going to convert it to the slim line fans, but didn't see the need.
I agree that if it is only on climbing, then that is the issue as the engine is working harder, I usually saw this on my 81 regular diesel when I was climbing
Mt Eagle, or the rise from the Mississippi/Ohio river to the plateau of Illinois (steep climb there). Now it wasn't a turbo Diesel, but my car was loaded down with people, and clothes from visiting Grandma in Ala. I made that trip often, and after I had blown a OEM radiator (because of the crappy oem mounting) I opted for a Brass and copper one that served me well for over 20 years before I sold the car but on climbing I too noticed the temp rise, never to boiling but it hovered right at the line until the free-wheeling downhill....:)

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Thanks for the reply. I think I will drive it the way it is for awhile, but I will be looking for a new radiator. I bet the one that is in the truck is original to the truck. Radiators are cheap enough that it would not be bad to replace it. Cheers
Yeppers, I went with one of the all aluminum from New Jersey....

Used Pin Mount on the bottom, the grommet were 10 bucks at Napa.
The Cabriolets used a clamp bolt and fastener on the upper instead of the c clip
Also if you don't have an upper Radiator card installed that can allow heated engine compartment air to recirc through the radiator.

They make the "hard" or bolt mounted styles with the bottoms bolted to the valance cross bar, as well as the Pin mount which is a better arrangement.

no upper card.

upper card out of brass stock

Template can be found at
Or I can send you mine specific to the cabriolet but it should get you in the ball park.

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