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Black or chrome bumpers caddy

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hey guys trying to get some ideas
what do you think Chrome or black bumpers? for my Caddy


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I have always line the oem chrome.... but I also like them pushed in a they are closer to the valance...
Chrome or black bumpers? for my Caddy
I see it two ways, first if you are going to do nice chrome wheels like the picture, and have those chrome trim strips down the side then for sure do chrome bumpers.

If you are doing something more stealthy, like black rims with a red line on them or have a more sinister interior with a black dash and such then those European bumpers do look sharp. I don't know about fitment. Seems the Rabbit and Caddy bumpers are different in a weird way.

I agree that pushing them back is a nicer look but should you "tap" something a bit aggressively then your cushion for breaking something is way reduced. Good bye grill?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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